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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Principles to Live By (Sneak Peak at a Couple Pages of the Upcoming Book-Healthy Living in a Toxic World-excerpt)

·         Embrace 'homesteading', meaning a 'rural mentality' prepared to endure hard economic times and prepared to live with less money and things

·        We don't know what we don't know. I have inadvertently, unwittingly fed my kids all the wrong foods, allowed them to consume sugars, bad carbs, and chemical/preservative filled foods their entire lives. We've used all the worst health and beauty products, drank and eaten from the worst containers. We've blindly, like sheep, accepted all the FDA has approved and consumed it. I have done some things right, however. 

·         Cook primarily from 'scratch', and avoid pre-packaged products.   

·         If it's a plant, eat it. If it was made in a plant-don't eat it.

·         If your food doesn't spoil, it's not fresh and chances are part of it is not even food.

·         80% of the food in the supermarket didn't exist 25 years ago! Shop the perimeter. Before there were stores filled with man-made products, we got our foods from farms, forests, fields!

·         Drink water the majority of the time, and plenty of it.

·         Buy organic when possible, that way you can avoid ingesting the nasty chemicals and pesticides often found on or in non-organic foods.. If not possible, watch the labels and do the best you can.

·         Eat/drink whole foods-rather than fat free, sugar free, or skim products.

·         Eat primarily fruits, veggies, nuts, and grains

·         Follow the 'eat healthy' 80/20% of the time principle.

·         Cancer & infections cannot live in an alkaline body (eat greens, use lemons).

·         Eating healthy is the true “detox diet.” There’s nothing fancy about it, just some dedication and trust in the amazing functions of the human body. 

·         Attend to the underlying emotional issues and trauma that is causing you to turn to food for comfort.

·         Exercise is #1 biochemical way to decrease stress. 4x a week is as effective anti-depressants.

·         Sleep enough. Lack of sleep can increase weight by 2 pounds, overnight!

·         Visualize daily, how it will feel to be healthy and how you will look.

·         Love much-yourself and others. Ditch those who don't love you-your health depends on it. 

·         Live fully.

·         Laugh much-clinically proven to improve immune system and decrease pain.